Hello u can call me qoni or nita
I'm friendly person although i am like a mysterious person, i dont want to hate someone i always keep relation w/ everyone but many people assume me as silent girl. I never have a boyfriend because i think i can share love for whoever esspecially for my parents before anyone will come to meet my father.  I'am a listener. My friends always tell about their love story. Actually, i dont understand w/ them, they know about my status and i dont have experience about it,but why they tell to me. Maybe Allah wants to give me lessons through them.

I think love is not only about heart for our couple, but love must be accompanied by love for God. So, marriage is a solution. Take decision to married meaningfull u ready to educate, and to be role model so that u can be the best parent.

Our duty now, prepare for our future....

This's my secret account, no one who know about me. Maybe i'll share everything here.

I'm a student in a University, food quality assurance is my major.Now is my last year there. I hope i will graduate next year.Amiin.

-i'll reply your message and assume you is me,u can ask me all the thing

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